Laser Cutting Machine

Optic fiber engraving and cutting machine 

product introduction
Hangzhou-Donglei G3015-500W fibei engraving and cutting machine is a mature product reached the international leading level, that success in a number of industry award: "top ten innovative product award", "excellent new product award", "top ten" of product quality, etc.This series of products with powerful cutting ability, "fly" cutting speed, high quality processing, Strong ability to adapt and other incomparable advantages. 1.The laser cutting machine cutting efficiency is highest. 2.Low running cost, light path and maintenance-free. 3.The third generation of laser cutting machine, eagerly anticipates the laser cutting technology revolution, create a new era for sheet metal processing.


Product application Hangzhou-Donglei fiber engraving and cutting machine G3015-500W is widely used in steel, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, rail transportation, engineering machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, air conditioning manufacturing, elevator, construction machinery, environmental protection, advertising, decoration and so on all walks of life.

Product features
High speed 1 mm stainless steel cutting speed 40 m/min, 0.5 mm stainless steel cutting speed 100m/min. High performance Optical fiber transmission, flexible manufacturing, the high quality of different shape can be cut, and suitable for cutting iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, such as the material. High benefit Fast cutting speed, low operation cost, double return for your investment. Low gas consumption The laser produces low gas consumption. Low energy consumption Energy conservation and environmental protection, low power consumption, is 20% 30% of a traditional CO2 laser cutting machine. Low maintenance fee No reflection lens, do not need to adjust the light path, maintenance almost free.

 Technical Parameter