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Laser engraving machine in terms of quality advantage
Updated:2015-4-3 16:06:34   Author:Donglei Laser  Hist: 687

There are a series of carving device -- wide laser engraving machine is mainly for the flexo market at present, need to cater to the wide and narrow supplier. A narrow range of engraving system professional can be used for making flexo, gravure,waterless offset printing and rotary screen printing plate, provides a can meet a variety of prepress complete solution. Rotary screen device is a good choice forlarge format users.

In general, the printer can conduct a comprehensive control of the printing plate making process, make the cost control in the reasonable scope, and to ensure the quality and stability of plate perfect. With the prepress production cycle is greatly shortened, the printing business more flexible response to the challenges of the market, because the industry is the time of delivery has become the main means of competition.