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Many laser marking machine industry and the world the gap?
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Laser industry cross domain wide, no industry boundaries in the strict sense,Guangdong Province laser industry association secretary general Shao Huo introduces, one of the association's job is to bring some only laser technology and processing companies incorporated in the laser industry.

Cross domain so wide, much domestic laser industry and the world the gap? In fact,although the overall process of water quality backward, industrialization is slow, but in terms of technology and the world there is no gap. "The world the first ruby laserwas born in 1960 April, and in 1961 we do out." Served as the two listing Corporation executives Wang Xiaoxing said, the industry as a whole lags behind isbecause during the period of transformation in the agricultural country to industrial country, other factors not synchronization.

With the domestic enterprises to gradually gain a firm foothold in the small power laser market, long-term dependence on imports of the situation is broken, however,China's laser industry pricing power is still not independent, long-term by foreign monopoly.

Laser industry backward technology products rely on imports

It is understood, concentrated in the laser industry upstream component suppliers.Different lasers have different key device, therefore, a large number of upstream suppliers, wide range of industries, including the rare earth, power and copper.

However, at present China's laser industry overall backward technology. Fujian Fujing Polytron Technologies Inc production of crystal, exported to Germany, the United States, foreign enterprises into the wafer after the sale to china. Is not the Chinese can not self-produced chip, but the quality is not good, produced betterperformance than imported chip, downstream processors for stabilityconsiderations, will choose the imported products.

The situation is the same laser manufacturing River, such as the manufacturing offemtosecond laser, during the processing of shrink film, shrink film can not beproduced, can only be imported.

Chip rely heavily on imports. The reason is that technology does not cross the border. In industrial applications, there are many core devices rely on imports, its performance, stability and large-scale industrial production levels were associated with the international gap is large, this has nothing to do with the level of R & D, is the source of China's industrial base is weak.

In research and development, the domestic master laser technology gap with foreign countries is not significant, but limited to the overall industrial quality, withlaser 500W above as an example, the domestic products in the durability and so on is still difficult to match foreign products.

High power laser lack of pricing power

It is understood that the current laser industry is a fiber laser, fiber laser and in the global market, the IPG led, plus SPI, GSI, Nufern, Coherent, JDSU and other giantsalmost to control the laser market discourse right, wherein, IPG occupies the absolute dominant position.

In 2013, a leading figure in Yan Dapeng domestic high power laser R & D publicly said that at present China's manufacturing technology of low power fiber lasershave been very mature, but the high power laser beam and pump coupling fieldtechnical problems and lack of deposit, devices, resulting in high power fiber lasersfor long-term dependence on imports.

Professionals said, compared with the developed countries, the gap betweendomestic industrial laser mainly comprises a laser component technology andindustrialization, wherein the component technology gap has restricted theindustrialization level of the laser industry.

In the laser device, optical fiber laser equipment accounted for 30%~40%, the proportion gradually increased. "However, because of the high power laser pricing power has long been the monopoly of foreign enterprises, accounting for the cost of the fiber laser laser equipment may even exceed 60%, such as marking equipment etc.."

It is reported that, although the high power laser pricing power on the market is stillin the hands of the hands of foreign enterprises based on IPG, but the laserdomestic had many self-produced high power, such as the Shanghai Institute of Optics and fine mechanics 1000W laser.

At present, the universal application of type or 500W laser, if the productionstability through inspection, to gain market recognition, the future of the high power laser price would be greatly reduced. In IPG laser medium power as an example,previously in the Chinese market price in 300000 yuan ~40 yuan, and since thelaser branch companies of small and medium power through the factory inspectionstrict environment after the lead to IPG price falling, has fallen below 200000 yuan.

High power laser pricing power in the hands of foreign this situation can not keepfor two or three years.